TIME IS MONEY! Save money by effectively controlling employees workday

Bioweb is a Time tracking and attendance solution for employers to get accurate and reliable time tracks of their employee’s work.

ALL IN ONE work and hour tracker
Control workday, working hours, holidays, expenses, medical leaves and absences

Bioweb: Online Time tracking and attendance solution


Biometry is an science that allows to identify persons by their unique body features, through mechanisms like face and voice recognition systems, retina scanners, and digital fingerprints readers.

Biocatil has developed a fingerprint access control and identification system, the BD Terminal for a secure and reliable control of the access of people to buildings

There are 3 ways to identify people:

What we carry:

Keys, cards.

What we know:

Codes, passwords.

What we are:


Biodactil doesn't control what a person owns or knows but who he is.


access systems

Access system Robbery Loss Copy Lending Oversight Identity theft Grade
Comparación sistemas de control de acceso

BD Terminal + Biosoft

Save money by effectively controlling employees workday

The BD Terminal

The BD Terminal is a machine that allows or denies people's access to a building, floor, office, or concrete zone in an office, by scanning their fingerprint.

The BD Terminal has a fingerprint scanner to digitalize a fingerprint, upon which it opens an access or door, registers the person's identity and determines for how long the access is allowed.

  • Can be installed in any access or door
  • You can decide who has access and for how long
  • Quick fingerprint scan and oppening of access
  • Easy management
  • Records more than 2,000 fingerprints
  • Measures pressure, morpholody and temperature
  • Independent battery

Biosoft is an online software that in conjunction with the BD Terminal manages and controls the access, presence and working hours of employees.

  • Presence reports
  • Absence reports
  • Notifies lacks of punctuality
  • Working hours completed
  • Tracks overtime
  • Reports by user, date and hour
  • Restrictions for certain periods of time
  • Event reader
  • Stores events in real time


Biodactil is a company specialized in biometric and location-based services and machines for attendance and time tracking.

We are present in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador. Our solutions give employers the power to effectively control and manage employee's work and presence wherever and whenever it takes place, remote and smart working included.

We develop our machines and software in-house for our clients to deploy the most secure and advanced work and time control solutions and increase employees productivity.

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Bioweb is a Time tracking & attendance solution for employers to get accurate and reliable time tracks of their employee’s work, the total worked hours, their exact location/GPS, and manage all their relevant working activity.

Starting at $9,95 /month and with a free 3 month trial, BioWeb is one of the most competitive solutions to track employees working hours (see Plans)



employees register their work activity from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.


Track working hours without the need of machines nor installs


Registers with IP and GPS location, enabling companies to control remote work.


Starting at $9,95 /month and with a free 3 month trial.


Allows to implement smart working policies and balancing family and work by controlling a non lineal workday that can also take place away from the office.

Control del horario laboral
Tracks location by IP and GPS

Records start and end time of workday, pauses, and rest breaks

Sistema anti fraude

The mobile tracking system registers the location of the user and can also control the access to the service by fingerprint and take a photo of the user to prevent unauthorized access

Informes detallados descargables

Tracks total worked hours, expenses,and leaves, per employee

Notificaciones personalizadas

Offers downloadable reports, punctuality reports, and setting up notifications for both managers and employees

BioWeb, la mejor solución online para el control del horario laboral
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BioApptil is BioWeb's mobile version available at Google Play and App Store.

With BioApptil employees can clock in/out their shift anywhere, from a mobile device, and manage leaves and expenses.

Anti fraud Biometrics

Access can be authenticated by fingerprint and self portraits of the user to prevent an employee registering for another.


Tracks by Ip and GPS location start and end time of workday, pauses, and rest breaks, per employee.

Calendar planner

Employees can manage their annual leave, request a leave, check their vacation calendar.

BioApptil, la app de BioWeb
Expense tracker

Employees can send receipts for approval and check expense records

Leave manager

Employees can record a sick leave, study leave, compassionate leave, etc.

Absence Manager

Documents can be attahed to justify an absence


It calcultates total worked hours per week, month and year

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